What is Sado Gohan?

In April 2016, Sado City published a cookbook entitiled “Sado Gohan,” a traditional local cuisine recipe collection from all parts of Sado.
Recipes were collected and reproduced over a period of six years in collaboration with Health Promoters from all corners of the city. This book was put together with the hope that traditional recipes would be passed down through generations, as well as with the desire to promote local food and nutrition education. Comprising a total of 220 pages, the cookbook introduces 188 recipes, plus it has a “basics” section which shows readers how to make a broth, cut vegetables, use chopsticks, and so on. A guidebook to festivals in Sado is also included. Sado Gohan is available on loan at Sado libraries (in the local history or general cooking sections), as well as for purchase at 1,800 yen (tax included).
For details, please visit the website of Sado City Local Food Promotion Council.
Sado City Local Food Promotion Council
(Local Food Promotion Unit, Industrial Promotion Division, Sado City)
Tel: +81 (0)259-63-5117

Tourism Promotion Through Local Cuisine

In response to the tourist demand for home-cooked food unique to Sado, Sado Tourism Association organised four workshops for local cooks so that we can make better use of local cuisine for tourism promotion.
Starting in August of 2016, cooks from inns and guesthouses gathered at the workshops and prepared dishes according to the recipes listed in “Sado Gohan.” Supervised by Health Promoters involved in the compilation of the book, all dishes were carefully prepared, paying special attention to both procedure and simmering time.
The participants seemed motivated and had high expectations for the application of this experience. Here is what some said after the workshop: “Sado is so large that there are many local dishes, and I would like to take advantage of that variety for my repertoire at the inn.” “I would like our guests to enjoy our local cuisine, even one dish.”

A motivated participant says "I would love to provide local cuisine as a regular menu item."

Participants listening intently to instructions

Enjoy Sado's traditional local cuisine at one of many accommodations.

Blessed with traditional, seasonal flavours and wisdom passed down over generations, Sado’s delicious culinary delights are nurtured by climate and nature, and developed by Sado people’s compassion. You can experience the pleasure of strictly selected, traditional local cuisine, as part of your breakfast or dinner, at one of our designated locations. Feast on delicious, lovingly prepared dishes.
*Dishes offered are subject to change depending on the season and the accommodation. For details about the contents of your meal, please contact the accommodations listed below directly.
*Images below are for illustrative purposes only.

[Aramemaki] A roll made using arame seaweed instead of kombu is served at celebratory occasions.

[Nishime] A traditional, sweet-and-salty simmered dish made with seasonal ingredients.

List of accommodations offering "Sado Gohan"

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